Financial Management System for the World Bank and EU Projects

FMS.Sys is based on Disbursement Handbook for World Bank Clients from May 2006 and EU Programme Management and Control Manual from 2011.

Completely Integrated Financial Management System

With FMS.Sys you can record three main functions without any redundancy: Local Accounting, Donor Accountung and Contract Management. Single transaction is recorded in one place at one time. Local accounting is using accrual accounting method while Donor records use cash based accounting method for simple and easy transaction posting and reporting.

Main Modules

  • General Ledger (Local Accounting)
  • Account Receivable and Payable
  • Donor Accounting (WB and EU)
  • Registry of Fixed Assets
  • Contract/Tender Management Module
  • Payroll (BiH)
  • Off-Balance Records including Payment Orders, Credit Accounts, Reconsiliation of SA etc
  • Loan Amortization Add-On
  • Evaluation Module Add-On

Unlimited number of Projects

Within FMS.Sys you can open as many projects as you want (these are treated as cost centers). There is no need/cost for eLine intervention. Also, user can create new fiscal year, new projects, new users without any intervention/cost from our part.

Based on .NET technology

FMS.Sys is made using Microsoft .Net development environment and it is using Microsoft SQL Server as database.

Access data from anywhere

You can access the system from anywhere in the world if your company has Internet access.

FMS.Sys is multilingual

FMS.Sys has Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, SerbianBH, Montenegro and English languages.

OnLine Support

Using eLine LiveUpdate technology, your FMS.Sys will be always updated to the latest version of the software. This service is free for all registered users of FMS.Sys within first year and the following years will be subject to a new maintenance contract (Silver FMS.Sys Membership).


Every report produced in FMS.Sys can be exported to Word, Excel, pdf and other formats.


FMS.Sys is using "per Server" licensing system, which means that your database server will be licensed while you can have unlimited number of clients (connected to licensed server) within your company or anywhere else (providing your company has Internet connection). One such "per Server" license will be awarded for one legal entity.

Legal Framework and Terms of Sale

The price of FMS.Sys is stated on Official FMS.Sys Site and it includes the following: Installation of data server, installation of clients, training of clients (max 20 hours: on site, phone and email support), preparation of basic data (codes of sources of funds, expenditure categories, components, activities, reporting), training for backup procedures and LiveUpdate procedures. Limited warranty is for one year. Warranty is eligible only on stable and licensed Windows platforms (Windows 7,10,11). The price does not include general network procedures, setup of Internet connections, problems relating operation system, printers, network, traveling expenses, VAT or any other taxes etc. Maintenance after one year will be a subject to new contract. These terms will not apply if FMS.Sys is misused, deleted of if the damage to the software comes from hardware failure, computer viruses, other software etc.

Silver FMS.Sys Membership

After first year of warranty, FMS.Sys registered users will enroll in Silver FMS.Sys Membership program which includes continuation of LiveUpdate, questions and answers and general FMS.Sys support, telephone and email support (within monthly quota), extended warranty, future program upgrades (new modules). For Additional licenses monthly fee starts within second month of software use. The monthly fee for this membership is stated on Official FMS.Sys Site

Price (Net EUR)

The price of FMS.Sys is net 7,500 EUR and includes:

  • FMS.Sys Software
  • Training,SetUp and Support

Loan Amortization Add-On:

  • Loan Amortization 4,800 EUR

Silver FMS.Sys Memebership: 95 EUR/Month

Hourly rate for additional training and work: 40 EUR/h

*Prices does not include any taxes (VAT etc if applicable)


ARDP/AIPP Sarajevo, ODRAZ Sarajevo, HSEP Banja Luka, SWMP Sarajevo, MVTEO/MDP Sarajevo, WATER Sarajevo, HSEP Sarajevo, NTMP Mostar, FPAMP Sarajevo, FPAMP Banjaluka, SWMP Banjaluka, FDC Sarajevo, SESER Sarajevo, FZO FBiH Sarajevo, IFAD/OFID Sarajevo, LandReg Sarajevo, LandReg BanjaLuka